Ben Todisco

TBMC Williamstown 
Ben Todisco

We would love to invite you to experience our business building event!
The Business Marketplace Branches were created for people in business to meet-buy-sell-connect and develop strategic alliances.

This is a great opportunity for you to build your business in five action packed hours
TBMC Williamstown Branch
Custom House Hotel: 161 Nelson Place, Williamstown
Next Event:  Wednesday February 28th, 2018
9:30am registration for a 10.00am start concluding at 1.00pm

What inspired you to attend TBMC?
I first visited The Business Marketplace Community (TBMC) in December 2016 after being invited by a member who I am also in another networking group with. I joined after my first meeting where I was inspired by the energy in the group and the genuine love for each others businesses.
What inspired you to take up a Branch in Williamstown?
I love a new challenge and I see the vision of TBMC Global as being well thought out and exciting.
What were challenges in business and a tip on how you overcame them?
In my business, my biggest challenge especially early on was motivation. Especially when things weren't going great. I overcame it by using a 
business coach from TBMC and having someone else holding me accountable but also by using the group for inspiration and energy.
What advice would you give to a business owner who is looking to create growth in their business?
I think the best thing a business owner can do to grow their business is to join networking groups. Not only will that create an astounding amount 
of immediate business, but it can lead to long term business partnerships that can help improve your business.


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