Gary, I was so apprehensive to join, but I have completely turned around my thinking. You’ve helped me see the bigger picture with clarity and focus, without losing my ideals and values, and I am so excited to where this leads next. I’ve always been passionate about my business, but I hit a bit of a lull and a stuck point recently. I finally feel like I’ve found a community in business who get me, and who believe in me and encourage me to believe in myself! Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. Thank you.

Beckii Jones
I love the members of The Business Marketplace. My business and more importantly myself has changed and reshaped thanks to the relationships that I have built up with other members of the Business Marketplace. If you are like me and you want to expand your business and expand your thinking, it’s worth getting along to a monthly marketplace or if you can, get along to the Grand Bazaar. You’ll love it

Daniel Sapsead
The team at Visionary Group have exhibited at a trade show and attended a Community Day with great results, a warm and professional team who have attracted a great number of excited and approachable business people! It was refreshing to understand that strategic partnerships and joint ventures are encouraged… we will be coming to future Community Days and the next Marketplace Expo in October!

Craig Allan
I’ve been involved with this dynamic group for two years, and it is always a day well-spent! Great people, great collaborations, proactive members willing to help each other.

Dianna Jacobsen
Just had another great day courtesy of the Business Marketplace team. Great networking and business community spirit and support. More people are joining the community and booking their stall for October – if you want to promote your business – mad if you don’t! Thanks to all and see you next month.

Vickie Janson
Building relationships is what I love! & here I get to build mutually profitable relationships with really amazing people who really care; & are in business to make a positive difference to others.

Debbie Small
Great day connecting with The Business Marketplace community. Such a professionally diverse but fun network environment. This is the most dynamic networking event I have experienced – hands down.

Glad Dawtek Business and Technical Writing is part of this. Looking forward to building better connections with a great group of people.

Kellie Beckmann-Quin
Great group! Well done team! If you’re in small business & need to connect with other likeminded small business owners in Melbourne, you need to become part of this group. Get off ‘fake-book’, join & have some real conversations.

Travis Bell
A dynamic group of people that truly get the concept of sharing best practice and engaging with other to collaborate to achieve positive outcomes! Real wow factor event coming up glad to be a part of it and will drum up some like minded visitors! Cyber Guardians Online

Bradley Deacon
Great group. Fantastic energy, and a wonderful spirit of community and cooperation for mutual benefit

Russell Time Lord Scott
This is an amazing group of people led by a dynamic leader who are committed to not just networking but gaining commitments that generate invoices and this income for everyone involved.

Clinton Swaine
Fantastic energy, great people and many opportunities to grow your business!

David Goldman
So much fun, and great energy and community spirit!

Sian Shields
This is an awesome space of high energy to link & connect with a vast variety of business owners who are passionate to explore & expand themselves & others. Love it!

Lucia Cardamone
My first time at this networking event been here 1/2 the day and I have already made 3 fantastic connections!

Mary Jensen
Great event to be a part of! Meet new people and get to know their businesses. This is where connections are created!

Olivia Goonting
What I have achieved with Gary and co in 6 weeks is nothing but amazing!!!!

Avishai Josephsohn
This community has been a fabulous source of collaboration, clients, mentoring and inspiration.

Emma Sidney
Terrific networking opportunity & a lot of fun while building your business.

Michelle Webb
Great group of people. Great organised events. Great FUN.

Dale Wyatt
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