In this day and age, it’s crucial that we keep costs down, find approved providers and that every product and service we take delivers value and empowers our business. That’s why we created The Business Marketplace Magazine.

The Business Marketplace Community (TBMC) are a strong vibrant group of business owners who meet-buy-sell-connect each month in Melbourne locations including St Kilda, Balwyn, Williamstown, Oakleigh and Essendon. Our members cover almost every industry and span the range from solopreneurs to large multimillion dollar businesses. 

Within our magazine, several key members provide their expertise to help you solve the problems that most entrepreneurs and SMEs go through within the lifecycle of business. 

We are pleased to offer exceptional additional value with the information and offers inside saving you over $15,000 and with the priceless benefit of our trusted referral network. 

Hard Copy Magazines, Isn’t that Old School?

We recognise that reading something online isn’t enjoyable for everyone. A magazine that you can hold and feel, full of great information in bite sized chunks is not only nice to have, it’s handy when you’re on a break, waiting on a meeting, in a train or on a plane. It’s a tangible way for us to give you added value. 
With well-crafted stories from business owners just like you around Australia this magazine is set to entertain and inform you and your clients. It looks great in your reception area too!

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Five years ago, world class speaker and author Gary Schuller had a vision. To create a market day where people networked on a more intimate basis, to develop a community of people who would meet-buy-sell-connect through the TBMC and do more business in 5 hours than most would do in a month. 

In the last 5 years, the Business Marketplace has seen over 70 events with thousands of people who have come together to meet-buy-sell-connect. We meet monthly, bi-annually and at evening events on special occasions, adding to the genuine relationships that this community creates. 

As a testimony to our community, we provide this magazine at NO CHARGE and we offer one additional bonus. You will receive complimentary entry to one of our community days, redeemable until our next Expo in June 2018. 
This pass alone is valued at $49. The great news is that it is our gift to you when you cover postage and handling at just $7.95. 
With your complimentary day pass you are welcome to attend one of our monthly events at St Kilda, Balwyn, Williamstown, Oakleigh or Essendon, from 10am - 3pm. See our schedule for details and let us know that you’re joining us.  
To claim your free day pass, register your email address when you purchase via Paypal and you will be sent a gift voucher to attend. Please check that your mailing address details are complete and up to date to receive all the goodies in your TBMC magazine. Please remember the payment of $7.95 is for postage & handling only.
TBMC Magazine Postage & Handling
We look forward to adding immense value by empowering your business AND to meeting you in the near future. If you have any questions, just call us on 1300 551 594 or email us on [email protected]
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