The Business Marketplace Meet-Buy-Sell-Connect  & Interact takes 'Business Building' to a new level!

It's an extension of our TBMC  MONTHLY with some powerful additions including guest speakers and the ability for ALL participants to have a stall in a more intimate environment.
See for yourself!

The day kick starts at 9.30am with our first (1 of 3 ) World Class Speakers sharing crucial information on 'must hear' Business enhancing content!
We then transition into the start of the Meet-Buy-Sell-Connect & Interact at 10.00am!

It’s been custom designed and created for people in Business like you to walk away with immediate strategic alliances!
The room is divided in to 2 halves with Stallholders and guests on one half visiting the other half to uncover opportunities and ask 3 key questions:

  1)  What is it you do?
  2)  What sets you apart?
  3)  How can we interact?

Naturally these questions encourage a response and meaningful conversation where possibilities are discussed and explored!
We then do a debrief at 11.30am! We find out who met who and what transpired!

It's mind blowing the stories that come back! 

At noon our second Speaker (2 of 3) rolls out pearls of wisdom taking us up to 12.30 pm for a short lunch break!

We are back at 1.00pm raring to go with the other half now reversing the process and going off to ask the 3 questions !
At 2.30pm we come together for the final debrief and to learn and discover about the other wins!
Right in 3.00pm our 3rd and final Speaker brings the day to a dynamic conclusion!

We then finish the day with finger food and refreshments! This is where the real Gold is, as people kick on with their new established Business friends!

An overall amazing experience!
You can either grab a Stall or a Day Pass Ticket!

There are only 20 Stalls available to showcase your wares and strut your stuff as the attendees are literally escorted to you! Secure yours for $250
There are just 200 Day Pass Tickets to Meet-Buy-Sell-Connect & Interact! Secure yours for $37. Next Event is Saturday February 17th 2018.  Do it Today and give you Business a Boost !
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