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Mel Williams 
CEO at Eaz Build

Mel’s first introduction to the business world was when her parents purchased a small general store in rural Victoria when she was 14, which she worked in until the sale of the shop some 8 years later.

After finishing school and working numerous part-time jobs, including filming wildlife documentaries in Australia’s Top End, Mel moved into the world of accounting first by the way of a diploma and later a degree in Business Accounting.

Mel proceeded to work for a multi-national timber corporation, the health sector, local government and semi- government agencies in various accounting roles. She also ran a successful safari outfitting business that conducted the largest ever hunt in Australia – with Browning and Winchester firearms from the United States, as they launched their new calibres of rifles and ammunition worldwide.

At the same time, through her husband, Dean, Mel had been involved with the building industry – with her experience now spanning over 20 years in commercial and domestic applications.

Together Mel and Dean started their own building business nearly ten years ago, designing, drafting and constructing custom built homes for their clients. Mel retrained as thermal performance assessor and GreenSmart Pro. Their business, DTM Construction Services has been a H.I.A. award winner numerous times in the ‘Custom built homes’ and ‘Renovations and additions’ categories.

Recognising many frustrations within the building industry from both clients and tradies, Mel developed a new concept to empower and inform those building their dream home, and those actually completing the construction.
EAZBUILD – WE PLAN YOU BUILD – completes all pre-build processes and permits so that the development can be completed easily – while saving time, money and frustration.

EAZBUILD – TRADIE – offers to the tradie: plans that are designed for the builder, and stress free permit applications. With her extensive knowledge of the building industry and her accounting background, Mel offers exclusive tradies’ business management – from quotations to empowerment – through the knowledge of costings in each project, and the business as a whole.

Clinton Swaine
Founder and Owner at Frontier Trainings

Clinton Swaine is the founder, owner and lead trainer of Frontier Trainings – The World Leader in Experiential Business Trainings.

Along with running and operating his own training company for the past 9 years, he has taught on many of the top stages around the globe with world renowned speakers, including: T. Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Bob Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, Bill Bartmann and many others. He has expanded his global reach by teaching in places such as: The United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, South Africa, Egypt, Costa Rica and Portugal. Over his time with Frontier Trainings, he has created the largest curriculum of experiential content in the industry. With over 200 unique games, exercises and processes which teach a vast range of business, personal development and speaking skills, he is widely recognized as the leader in his field.

At the age of 9, Clinton created his first financial game. This would give him the platform on which he would build his future. After attending University and earning three degrees in Arts, Business and Computing, he opened his computer business ‘Leiton Enterprises’. Over the next 10 years, he simultaneously ran Leiton Enterprises, a Games Club and later opened a game store called ‘Games Court’. As a result he was exposed to many different businesses and styles of games. These experiences would all come together in future years to create Frontier Trainings.

During his time running Leiton Enterprises he was exposed to 32 different industries doing software consulting. It was during this time that he learned so much about business systems, business operations and understanding where breakdowns happen in companies. He was exposed to both small and large businesses and responsible for delivering quality software under tight deadlines.

After deciding that he did not want to keep relearning skills every four years to keep up with the computing industry, he sold his company and moved into investing. He built his portfolio before expanding his investments to America, becoming involved in real estate developments, golf courses, luxury housing and many other projects. During this time some major issues emerged including business partner relations and changing market conditions.

Alan Clark

Alan Clark, IP Authority, Trademark Expert, Customer Loyalty Specialist, Futurist, Business Advisor, Trainer, Mentor.

Alan is the founder of the Ultimate Loyalty Company and Complete IP as well as the Australian ambassador for Frontier Trainings. Frontier Trainings is the world’s leading experiential training company that delivers cutting edge training through an International community of leaders and entrepreneurs that lives, breathes and learns together via real life, in-situ gamified entrepreneurial retreats, conferences and events that inspire success and entice genius.

Working with people around the world, at times demanding and rigorous, he is always passionately mentoring, coaching, coaxing, advising, investing, speaking, and inspiring. His world is full of unique individuals who give each other permission to hold each other to a higher standard; who help each other overcome every mistake, every distraction, every shiny object and every get rich quick scheme that life puts in front of all of us.

Alan started Complete IP 11 years ago and has lived the challenges of creating and building a brand. He understands what many clients go through and has walked in their shoes in many scenarios, including being self-employed, running companies and being entrusted to protect their brands and assets in ways that ensures complete brand security and longevity through times of change. Most importantly, he understands the marketplace and what clients want and need – even when they don’t.

He is not scared to tell it like it is, because when it comes to protecting your intellectual property, there are many traps.

Every day he speaks with people about how asset and intellectual property protection enhance and support the stability and longevity of businesses that embrace such protection.

Alan knows that in business as in life, everything starts as nothing and can turn into everything, in a blink.

He also knows how easy it is to look at the world’s largest companies and think, “I could never start something like that.”

But is it really true?

Did the owner of Jim’s mowing wake up one day and say I’m going to start the largest franchise in Australia? No he did not. Jim Penman woke up one day and began mowing lawns to pay his way through university.

Most companies didn’t start out to create a Jim’s, or an Amazon, or an Apple or a Google. They started with a mowing round, an online bookstore, a computer, and a search algorithm, then evolved and changed over many years to become the household brands we know today.

It is not about where you start!

It is not about where you end up.

It is about the journey and your ability to stick to your goals.

Jim Penman
CEO and Founder Jim’s Group

CEO and Founder of Jim’s Group – Jim Penman started a part-time gardening business while earning his PhD in history at Latrobe University. He launched a full-time mowing business in 1982 with a $24 investment.

He originally aimed only at taking on subcontractors, but his business grew and he gradually began to specialise in the building up and selling of lawn mowing rounds. By 1989 he franchised his business, and since then Jim’s Mowing has become the largest franchise chain in Australian and the largest and best-known lawn mowing business in the world.

Jim’s Cleaning was launched in 1994, followed by dog wash, building maintenance, fencing and around 38 other divisions which now operate in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. Jim’s Group now has over 3,400 Franchisees and a turnover of approximately $350 million.

Jim says the key to success in franchising is an overriding concern for the welfare of franchisees, and constant improvement in customer service. He is still actively involved in the running of the business, is directly accessible to all his Franchisees and to any client with a serious complaint.

Jim is funding a research program at RMIT on the biological basis of social behaviour and has recently had two books published: “Biohistory” and “Biohistory: decline and fall of the West”

Mark Stecher
Author – Build to Exit

Mark Stecher has been in business for over 30 years and over that time built a number of businesses, some successful, others not. The experience and learning over that time have enabled him to build a business that pays his salary, his bills and he only works about 6 hours a week in the business. This experience led to the creation of the Build to Exit system which is designed to help business owners build real value in their businesses.

Would you like to learn how to create a business that?
  1. Works without you? 
  2. Inspires and Excites you, your team and potential investors?
  3. You could sell for a good price if you wanted to?

Debbie Loughnane
National Vice President at Arbonne Australia

One seemingly ordinary day in 2007, I opened an email that would completely change the course of my future.

I had been looking for a business opportunity that would fill a void I had in my professional life. This email was the first time I’d felt excited about my career in a very long time. Living in a small country town, I always felt there were limitations as to what I could achieve and how much I could earn. I had fashion boutiques that I’d started in my twenties and after 13 years I was much further in debt than when I began. On the surface I appeared successful enough and to a degree, I guess I was, but I was struggling to get on top of things financially. As a mother to two daughters and my husband supporting us most of the time, I felt like there was never going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I did enjoy what I was doing, but deep down I knew that there must be more to life.

The business opportunity presented to me was an absolute no brainer. I realised that if the person who presented me with the opportunity could create such a satisfying life and work balance, there was nothing to stop me doing the same thing. The compensation plan also appeared to be one of the best I’d ever seen.

All I needed to do was take that first leap of faith and seek to actively change my professional life, personal wellbeing and my income status. No one was going to do it for me.

My online business allows me to see happiness on the faces of others and know it is something you have contributed to. You are overcome with an indescribably powerful sense of pride when l see my consultants and my two daughters who are in the business with me, earn their sales goal income and drive home in a new white Mercedes Benz. I truly believe that if you love what you do every day, you will never work a day in your life. As the saying goes ‘make your vocation your vacation.’ Take your life into your hands, follow your heart and make the rest of your life the best of your life!

Today, I have over 40 Vice Presidents in my SuccessLine -cruising around the country in their signature white Mercedes! It can take decades to build a business empire. I’m proud to say that after 8 years, I am the CEO of my own very profitable and successful business.

Mary Jensen 
Owner M Power Services

I grew up in Dandenong as 1 of 8 children moved out of home at 15 and put myself through night school. I started working in Accounts at 15, was Finance Manager at 20 and Financial Controller by 25. I worked hard. I did it as a way to survive. The last 8 years in finance I worked in Mergers and Acquisition which sparked my interest in human behavior. Melding teams, encouraging buy in by staff. Selling the new companies or positions. Being intrigued in this area led me to retrain through The Coaching Institute. I studied Meta Dynamics including NLP, became an accredited EDISC and Meta Dynamics profiler and totally changed careers.

I started M Power Services in 2009 and as most small businesses it has grown and evolved. M Power Services specializes in Sales Training, Leadership Mentoring incorporating Personal Development.

Mary is also well known for her Keynote Speaking. Her main topic for Keynotes is motivating women in business.

Other people come from nothing and so can you. Change your thinking to Change your life.

5 Things you will learn:
  • Anything is possible
  • Be resilient
  • Change is inevitable, you can fight it all you want like swimming up a waterfall. It’s much easier to go with the flow and find the good in it even if it’s a small benefit.
  • Change your thinking can change your life
  • From suicidal to success – we all have different challenges

Martin Farrugia
 Master of Ceremonies

Martin is a husband, father, trainer, speaker, mentor and has been told that he has a down to earth positive nature and the ability to turn what may seem complex issues into easy to understand workable solutions that can be implemented right away for positive results.

Martin has had the pleasure of being a contributing writer to 2 International Best Selling Books – Selling is a Cinch and How To Sell Stacks & Stacks of Anything by world renowned sales trainer & founder of National Speakers Australia Mr Doug Malouf.

Martin has conservatively presented to over 100,000 people either by face to face or over the phone. As well as a business coach, phone coach and trainer, Martin is also a professional MC and shared the stage with living legends, Allan Pease, Paul Dunn, Eric Bailey and Alex Pirouz to name a few. He has also spent personal time with Zig Ziglar & Jim Rohn.

He has MC'd all types of events from weddings, to corporate and entrepreneurial events.

He is a natural host and will make you feel at ease to ensure your event will run smoothly and is a memorable occasion.

Contact Martin direct at [email protected] or call 03 83616886 (24 hr msg bank)
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