Join us for our inaugural MAG 7  Club Pack Luncheon featuring the legendary Eric Bailey!

We have created 4 quarterly Luncheons in conjunction with our Annual MAG 7 held every year in September and the first is on the 8th December between 11.30am-2.30 pm at The Crest on Barkley

Now you can be part of another great ‘Business Marketplace’ initiative designed to help you excel in Life and Business! We are thrilled to launch our inaugural MAG7 Luncheon  featuring one of the greatest Speakers on the Planet!

Eric Bailey is ★Google’s #1 Ranked Global Activational Speaker ★ World-Renowned Keynote Speaker, Author, and  Network Marketing Professional.
He is currently listed Ranked as one of the Top 25 Motivational Speakers in the world and having been fortunate enough to share the stage with such influencers as Sir Richard Branson and Tim Ferris, as well as appearing on shows such as Today, Tonight, and Dateline
His message of securing your financial future using technology and social media is now his main purpose and message. You will hear how he overcame adversity to become who he is today! You will learn and discover 3 key points that will enable you to fulfil your destiny!

We have created an amazing platform for you and to showcase Eric to give you the ultimate close up and personal experience making it real and tangible!
You have two choices:

1) Become a MAG 7 Pack Member for $747 including 4 Luncheons and MAG 7 Event in September 

2) Purchase The MAG 7 Luncheon for $95

Either way take advantage of the MAG 7 phenomenon and belong to a growing Community dedicated to your prosperity and growth!
MAG 7 -  CLUB PACK LUNCHEON - December 8th (Includes sit down Lunch ) $95
MAG 7 PACK MEMBER for $747 including 4 Luncheons and MAG 7 Event in September 2018
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