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Essendon–Martin & Kylie Farrugia

We would love to invite you to experience our business building event!
The Business Marketplace localities were created for people in business to meet-buy-sell-connect and develop strategic alliances.

We’re so excited to be launching our inaugural TBMC Locality Essendon.
This is a great opportunity for you to build your business in five action packed hours.
TBMC Locality Essendon
Skyways Hotel: 113 Matthews Avenue Airport West, 3042
Next Event: September 6th 
9:30am registration for a 10.00am start concluding at 3.00pm

What inspired you to attend TBMC?
Looking for a business network referral that also provides a positive supportive environment.
What inspired you to take up a locality in Essendon?
Kylie & I have been looking for a business that we can do together that caters to our strengths.
What were challenges in business and a tip on how you overcame them?
Business is a constant challenge in today’s ever changing environment. By joining TBMC you 
now have access to a brains trust of other business owners who are willing to share ideas & strategies.
What advise would you give to a business owner who is looking to create growth in their business?
Join TBMC and be an active participant. Attend every month and also be sure to take advantage of 
the other events TBMC holds to assist you in growing your business.


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