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Kerstin Tauber

We would love to invite you to experience our business building event!
The Business Marketplace Branches were created for people in business to meet-buy-sell-connect and develop strategic alliances.

This is a great opportunity for you to build your business in five action packed hours.
TBMC  Balwyn Branch
Colombo's Restaurant: 250  Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn VIC 3103
Next Event: Wednesday February 14th, 2018
9:30am registration for a 10.00am start concluding at 1.00pm
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What inspired you to attend TBMC?
I spoke to a friend about my current business and he then suggested to join as his guest at TMBC St. Kilda June 2016
Over the course of the day I learnt about many different businesses, I felt the sense that there is a community of belonging and people helping one another. The Vibe was great! 
What inspired you to take up a Branch in Balwyn?
I heard about the plan of TBMC Branches and Essendon was the first to join. Instantly - in the spur of the moment I decided to "jump in" and find out more, learn later. I can see it is another side in my business to connect, be the person to go to and create another community of TBMC members. This enables me to step away from my casual employment, get out of the little beauty room into the public, speaking freely, pass on my "wisdom", learn, listen to others, connect, have fun, develop myself, empower myself and support others.
What were challenges in business and a tip on how you overcame them?
Challenge for now is to "juggle" 2 part time jobs and 1 self employment with TBMC  BRANCHES time wise. BUT it will set me "free" long term and create a more flexible life style and potentially a great income. Between, work, webinars, zooms, FU, calling, meetings, and and and I do not have a private life at the moment. 

2017 I decided to dedicate for my self development, and invest time and energy into things I want to be doing and create a better future for myself and others. Yes, I would like to retire - in saying that retire INTO my business and passion!
What advice would you give to a business owner who is looking to create growth in their business?
Advise to new business owners, find a company/product that is solid, has track record, you can be passionate about it, a vision you can relate to, 
Or if setting up your own business, become part of a group like TBMC where you find support, you are not alone, they understand you, connections is the key to success. Remember, Every successful business person was once a Beginner!

Listen, learn, trust your gut feeling, but be sensible, set yourself goals, don't give up easy.  Measure your success not how fast to go and in $$ only - motivate  yourself and measure your growth on how many times you might fall and get UP again to follow your goals and vision.

The first couple of years most entrepreneurs are living the life many people are not willing to live - but years later you will have the life many others never will have! 

How to start? Get off your Couch!


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